We connect people to ideas, markets and other people through conferences and events to create unrivalled opportunities and communities

We connect people to ideas, markets and other people to create unrivalled opportunities and communities

Our goal as a content provider is to deliver high-value information that is perfectly relevant and exclusive for end-users.

Our conferences offer real-world solutions to critical business challenges. Our topics have been extensively researched and developed from deep industry knowledge. Speakers are top-level decision makers and leaders in their fields, who wish to engage in meaningful discussion with delegates on important industry issues and trends. Our speakers offer best practice case studies, extensive technical briefings and information-rich sessions; enabling extensive learning and benchmarking opportunities

Our events provide opportunities for senior executives in niche areas and industries to network with their peers at events not reached by traditional industry associations and bodies. Our goal of connecting people to people is to create communities of interest in niche and emerging markets. We strive to make connections as markets change and develop. We join the dots within and between industries, and countries to provide cutting edge topics and events.

We are passionate about exceeding our customers’ expectations, providing quality learning experiences, and being genuinely ahead of the curve when it comes to conference topics.